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Meet Barseana Simond

Licensed Insurance Agent

Barseana's insurance journey began in 2008. However, her passion for making a difference in people's lives extends far beyond the insurance industry. Over the years, she has actively devoted her time to volunteering and collaborating with numerous non-profit organizations, striving to create positive change in her community.


With a deep appreciation for the significance of family, Barseana understands the delicate balance between providing for loved ones and nurturing their well-being. This understanding fuels her commitment to helping individuals and families safeguard their financial stability and protect what matters most to them.


After a brief hiatus, Barseana has now re-entered the insurance industry with renewed enthusiasm. Thrilled to continue her mission of assisting others with their financial and insurance needs, she is dedicated to providing personalized solutions and guidance that align with her clients' unique circumstances and aspirations. 


Phone:  414.793.4071