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- Our Mission                                                   

At Retirement Understood, we take pride in helping our clients understand every aspect involved in their retirement.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a truly comprehensive approach to retirement planning. We understand that retirement involves more than just financial considerations; it includes a wide array of interconnected areas.

To ensure we address all aspects, we maintain close relationships with our strategic partner professionals who specialize in various areas related to retirement. This collabertive approach allows us to combine expertise and knowledge, putting less demand on our clients, while fully understanding it is their plan and they should have a say.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to not only helping our clients save time and effort, but providing them with peace of mind knowing their retirement plan is tailored to their unique needs. 


We Are Committed to Delivering Exceptional Service and Building Long Lasting Relationships Based on Trust and Integrity.


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- About Us -

Located in Jackson, Wisconsin our agents are licensed to service anyone in the state of Wisconsin. Our team of professionals, along with our strategic partnerships, have accumulated over five decades of combined experience in Social Security planning, healthcare coverage options, tax and estate planning,  and other related fields.  



A plan serves as a roadmap, providing guidance and structure to help individuals navigate their way towards sucess.                                                  


Start planning for your future today by understanding the pieces that are necessaary to achieve your retirement goals.

Medicare Coverage

Together, we can help you understand your options, and ensure that you have the right Medicare coverage to meet your healthcare needs. 

Social Security Planning

When you partner with our experts, you'll gain confidence with your decisions and enhance your overall retirement plan. 

Dental & Vision Coverage

Let us help you obtain a plan that offers numerous benefits for your overall well-being, cost savings, access to quality care, and improved quality of life.


Life Insurance

Secure a plan to provide your loved ones with the financial protection and support they need during challenging times.

Long Term Care Insurance

When you're older, a bad hip could do more damage to your retirement income than a bad market - do you have a care plan?

Tax Planning

Essential for maximizing savings and minimizing tax liabilities, ensuring a financially secure future.

Estate Planning

A crucial step towards ensuring your assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes.

Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses and ensuring peace of mind during your trip.

- Client Testimonials -

"I attended a seminar given by Donna & Ashley at Retirement Understood. This seminar helped me get a better handle on understanding Medicare, and my options.I later met with Ashley & Donna. This meeting was extremely vital to help me make wise deicsions. They spent much time with me as i navigated through these choices and even helped me in a last minute panic moment as I had some questions during enrollment. I know there are more upcoming life changes for me and I will be reaching out & working with the Retirement Understood team. I am very grateful for their help!"    - Kevin K. 


"Very professional. knowledgeable about insurances, able to answer our questions, and very pleasent and enjoyable to work with!"  - Marilyn S.


Ashley and Aaron helped me beyond belief!!! I could not have done this without them!!"    - William S.                                                 


"Aaron Menzer has been amazing!!! I am thankful and I appriciate his expertise. I know this relationship will last for a long time."      - Mildred O. 


"Our personal situation took an extended engagment with Retirement Understood. Over the course of several months, we worked with Aaron Menzer. Not only was he exceptionally responsive, but he also made multiple in-person visits to keep us informed during the process. Thansk Aaron and the greater Retirement Understood team! We look forward to working together as our needs evolve in the future!"    - Kyle G. 


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